Spring 2017

happy family

We are happy to announce that our Dancing Dog Gwynen and Dancing Dog Levi will soon be proud parents to their 2nd litter. We have updated the puppy applications as there has been considerable interest already in this wonderful cross. The due date is in mid-April, and pups will be ready to go to their forever homes after mid to the end of June. We do prefer to keep the pups a bit longer than 8 weeks as it is better for them emotionally as they learn so much from their litter mates and of course their mother (and in our pups’ case, their father as well!)

Here’s Christine Pool’s Dancing Dog Tuscan Son, AKA “Moose” relaxing after a hard day on the farm in NH. He’s about 6 months old in this picture, and still pretty gangly. We think he may be a shaded sable, though his coat is still changing!

Both parents are now fully registered with the OTSCA, and Levi is dual registered as an English Shepherd as well. He is unusual in that his ES lines include many important OTSCA lines, specifically those of Sojourner Jacob.

Gwynen is beginning to look “matronly” and is craving extra attention – it won’t be long now.The pups from their first litter are all doing exceptionally well, most as farm dogs but there are several who are also living the good life as family pets. I’ll be adding photos of them as I can on the blog.

One Puppy Available!

Due to no fault of her own, this lovely bi black female is available again. She has a solid, very even temperament and will be suitable for either farm work or as a family dog. She’s been raised around livestock (chickens, goats sheep and horses), and has spent time visiting with both children and senior citizens. She already comes when she’s called, and is well along in her potty training. She’s a bright little button! Email me at carol@carollakestudios.com or give us a call at 914-837-2364. bi-blackbi-black-female

Four weeks old!

Where did the time go?! These adorable fluff balls are a month old! We have two puppies left, for either farm or family homes as these pups seem very well adjusted and moderate in temperament.  Please inquire via phone or email if you would like more information on the remaining pups. I’ll post more pics of the available pups tomorrow.

They are starting to really play now – rolling about, tumbling, prancing and lots of growling! Not to worry, they are just establishing pack order, but it sure sounds funny when they are all growling together.

Individual personalities are starting to develop. I make sure the pups get a lot of personal time with people, both with the pack and each pup on his or her own. As I get to know each one, I also get a chance to do early neurological stimulation, socialization and enrichment experiences, all proven to have a positive cumulative effect on the health and wellbeing of the pups. Plus, it’s fun for the humans too 🙂 Win-win!

Five benefits have been observed in canines that were exposed to the Bio Sensor stimulation exercises. The benefits noted were:

  1. Improved cardio vascular performance (heart rate)
  2. Stronger heart beats
  3. Stronger adrenal glands
  4. More tolerance to stress
  5. Greater resistance to disease


Here’s an example of our grown up dog enrichment exercises -blackberry picking  🙂

All the time the pups are growing they are learning because their nervous systems are developing and storing information that may be of inestimable use at a later date. Studies confirm that non-enriched pups, when given free choice, preferred to stay in their kennels. Other litter mates who were given outside stimulation between five and eight weeks of age were found to be very inquisitive and very active. When kennel doors were left open, the enriched pups would come bounding out while litter mates who were not exposed to enrichment would remain behind. The non-stimulated pups would typically be fearful of unfamiliar objects and generally preferred to withdraw rather than investigate. Even well-bred pups of superior pedigrees would not explore or leave their kennels, and many were found difficult to train as adults.



Two Farms and 7 puppies!!

Lots of news to share here at Dancing Dog Farm! I’ll start with our most exciting news, our Scotch Collie, Dancing Dog Farm Gwynen and our English Shepherd Dancing Dog Farm Levi Jones have had their first pups! All seven arrived hale and hearty on the afternoon of Tuesday, July 19th. We are accepting puppy applications to good homes – we expect this litter will be well suited to small farm work, agility and of course as loving companions.

I’ll be posting photos of the litter here shortly, please get in touch via phone (203/594-6808) or via email at carol@carollakestudios.com

Our other news is that Peter and I will be offering the NH Dancing Dog Farm property for sale, but will bring back some of the farming operations to NH until the sale is finalized. So we’ll be going back and forth to NH from CT quite a bit until then! Wilson has started his own farm on another property in CT – because he loved the name so much he is going to be calling it “Dancing Dog Farm CT”. We wish him the best of luck in his new venture!