Egg layers, and a token turkey

Jelly, our mongrel rooster and confused alarm clock We have a mixed group of layers here, and their rough and ready leader, Jelly. We have a few Americaunas, a few black Austrolorps, and  a Rhode Island Red. Some of the ladies are quite elderly, though they seem to produce an egg just fine every now […]

We are an official WWOOF host farm!

I’m very excited to announce that we have finally become a host farm for WWOOF! What’s WWOOF you say? WWOOF is  “world wide opportunities on organic farms“ here’s our profile!  One-half day of volunteer help is traded for food and accommodation, with no money exchanged.  The WWOOF-USA Host Farm Directory lists more than one-thousand organic […]

Chicken Proccessing Training

Many thanks to Henry Thedford of Claremont and to Kate Kerman of Phoenix Farm and SNHBF for traveling to Stonewall Farm in Keene and spending the day showing a few of us intrepid and soggy Southern NH Beginner Farmer folks the ropes of the Cheshire County Mobile Poultry Processing Unit. It’s quite a rig! Here’s […]

Monadnock Winter Farmers Market

Peter and I had a great *first time* experience at the Monadnock Winter Farmers Market, at Noone Falls in Peterborough, NH, last Sunday. Thank you to all the good folks who bought our honey! We’ll have lots more next Sunday, and although we aren’t yet legally allowed to physically sell our milk at the market, […]

Crisis Averted!

Ever the alert farmer, Peter discovered Rusty, our mild mannered Mille Fleur bantie rooster, limping in the barn this morning. After a brief struggle, Peter was able to catch the wayward rooster and discerned that the poor little thing had managed, somehow to wind some sort of string, and then, trailing the string, a length […]


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